Updated: May 11, 2020

The threat of the Covid-19 to the vulnerable people around the world has made it extremely difficult to celebrate special occasions like birthdays and soon- Mother’s Day. Most of us probably have not seen our moms in over two months because of the lockdowns and stay at home order being implemented. So, how do you try to adjust to normal and honor the special person who gave us life?

iPrint Solutions recognizes that every mom is a special person who played a vital role in who we are and shaped our inner beliefs and principles in life. They are ordinary people who were made extraordinary by the responsibility bestowed on their shoulders to raise a little being into the world of the unknown. Now, more than ever, the need to show them appreciation is indubitable. How do we honor them on their special day while maintaining social distancing?

1. A card, a bouquet of flowers, and an air hug from their patio. While maintaining social distance, you could drop off a card, a bouquet of flowers, and hug your mom from afar. See their face alight with that small gesture of love.

2. A video call/ FaceTime. If the first one is not feasible, then there’s always a video call where you could greet your mom. After all, there’s no barrier with a love so strong. For many years, moms were the superheroes who stood by us in all our undertakings. Now would be the perfect time to reciprocate that strength.

3. A special personalized gift. Though stores are mostly closed, there are still online stores where you could order and send the delivery just in time for Mother’s Day. Put your messages on pillows, shirts, mugs and other apparels that you could personalize.

4. A special home cooked meals. For many years, moms tirelessly prepared our meals. Now would be the best time to cook or bake a special meal that every mom would love! It does not need to be extravagant but a touch of love is the best ingredient.

5. A special letter. Everything is so unknown right now. The world is dealing with something unparalleled. This Mother’s Day, a special letter of our thoughts, our feelings, and our love might just be what our moms would need. A hug might be impossible but a love could be shown in so many different ways just like through this special letter.

No matter how we would want to celebrate this coming Mother’s Day, we all knew that it would be different from the other years. This pandemic had changed our lives and normalcy might not be in sight, but hold on to the promise of love. Remember, “We are born of love; Love is our mother.”

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